1956 – Was born in Moscow

1963-1970 – Studied drawing under his grandfather, artist Meir Akselrod.

1979 – Graduated from the production faculty of Moscow Art Theatre school with speciality of stage designer.

1978 – 1990  –  Designed more than 60 performances in thatres of the Soviet Union.

1984 – Became member of the Artists Union and the Union of Theatre Workers.

1985 – The performance «Vassa Geleznova», designed by M.Yakhilevich got the USSR State Prize.

1989 –  Design director in Mark Rozovsky’ Nikitski Gates Theatre in Moscow.

1990 –  Repatriated to Israel with family.

1991 –  Became the Member of Israel Artists Union .

1991 – Created the repatriated artists group «Mesilot»

1991 – 1999 –  Curator of more than 20 «Mesilot» group exhibitions in Israel, Russia, Germany, Italy.

2000 – Recipient of Bulat Okudzhava’s foundation prize for the contribution to the absorption of repatriated artists.

2001 – Organizer and participant of the defensive wall painting in Gilo.

2002 –  Curator of the international artists’ plain-air across jewish towns in Ukraine.

2003 – Curator of the exhibition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of «Joint» in Moscow.

2004 – Hold a course in Israeli art history in Russia.

2006 – First israeli artist, invited to exhibit in Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. (exhibition «Writing book — three generations of Akselrod family»)

Israel Plus.

2008 –  Hold a course in Israeli art history in Germany.

2009 – Designed interior and glass painting in synagogue «Makhanaim» in Maale-Adumim.

2008, 2009. 2010 –  Organised exhibitions of «Limud» project in Israel.

2010 –  Became the member of israeli artists group «Agrippas-12»

2010 – Was entitled as «Man of the Year» in Maale Adumim by Israeli TV.

2012 –  Recipient of the Shtern Prize by Ministry of Absorption for the contribution to Israeli fine arts.